Swiss Federal Railways

Enjoy your arrival at Central Switzerland's Tell-Pass destinations in one of Swiss Federal Railways' comfortable trains. The Lucerne-Zug and Luzern-Arth-Goldau-Göschenen lines are the ideal gateways to the Tell-Pass region.


In Switzerland, as well as internationally, the Swiss Federal Railways brand represents a promise to its customers that they will feel "at home while out and about" when travelling with us. Our customers make 354 million journeys with us every year. With its 3138 kilometres of track, the company has the lion's share of Switzerland's 5124 kilometre railway network. With the exception of Herisau and Appenzell, the company and its subsidiaries interlink every cantonal capital in the country. Swiss Federal Railways operate an hourly or half-hourly timetable serving more than 800 stations. Its staff number 29,240, all committed to ensuring safety and punctuality. All this means that the company is not only Switzerland's largest travel and transport provider, but also one of the country's largest employers.



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