Seebodenalp is a west-facing outcrop on Mt. Rigi

At alt. 1090 m, Seebodenalp offers great views over Lake Lucerne's Küssnacht Bay, Lucerne, Mt. Pilatus, Lake Zug, Zug and the Swiss Mittelland. Lakes Sempach, Hallwil and Baldegg are clearly visible from here, too. When the air is extra-clear, you can even make out the Jura range and the Black Forest with the naked eye.


Seebodenalp is reached via an aerial cableway from Küssnacht. The valley terminus is well served by public transport, with buses every half-an-hour. A single-track road with numerous passing places leads to the car park (charges apply) immediately adjacent to the cableway's top terminus. The rest of Seebodenalp is car-free.

The resort boasts one hotel with restaurant, three guest houses and one ski lift. Numerous footpaths and trails link Seebodenalp with Mt. Rigi. All tourism providers are members of the RigiPlus scheme.



+41 (0)41 850 19 33


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