Tell-Trail: long-distance hiking in the heart of Switzerland

On the trail of Wilhelm Tell with the Tell Pass

In summer, Central Switzerland can be discovered on the long-distance hiking trail "Tell Trail" from Altdorf to the Brienzer Rothorn. Eight stages take you past sparkling mountain lakes, along fragrant mountain flower meadows, through cosy villages and to the "Big 6" mountains of Central Switzerland: Stoos, Rigi, Pilatus, Stanserhorn, Titlis and Brienzer Rothorn. Always included is the Tell Pass, which allows you to cover the metres in altitude with pleasure by train. 



In eight stages through Central Switzerland

The long-distance hiking trail starts at the Tell monument in Altdorf and includes city, water and mountain experiences in equal measure all the way to the finish on the Brienzer Rothorn. The diverse flora and fauna as well as the spectacular mountain panorama are constant hiking companions and it is recommended to always have your camera ready. Crystal-clear mountain lakes and fragrant mountain flower meadows invite you to linger on each stage. Cosy mountain inns offer local specialities for refreshment. The Tell Pass makes it easy to cover the altitude metres of the stages and experience additional highlights at the same time. Around 50 transport companies offer over 200 excursion options on a choice of two, three, four, five or ten days by train, bus, boat or one of the numerous mountain railways.


Details on the individual stages

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Central Switzerland's "Big 6" included

Higher, steeper, unique - Central Switzerland is record-breaking! With the "Big 6" Stoos, Rigi, Pilatus, Stanserhorn, Titlis and Brienzer Rothorn, the most spectacular cable cars in Central Switzerland can be found on the Tell Trail. The world's first convertible railway floats up the Stanserhorn, the world's steepest funicular railway takes you to Stoos and Europe's first mountain railway has been taking you up the Rigi, the queen of the mountains, for exactly 150 years. And as if that weren't enough records, Titlis boasts the world's first revolving gondola and Pilatus is reached by the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. And as a bonus - record-breaking views included!

Day trips - hiking fun for families too.
With the Tell Pass, the Tell Trail becomes hiking fun for the whole family. The individual stages are also suitable for day trips and are easily accessible by public transport. For as little as CHF 70 per day *, the whole family can enjoy free travel by train, bus, boat and numerous mountain railways.


Since an excursion with children is not only about the magnificent view, the ride on the mountain railways and the summit experience, there are also smaller and larger secrets to be discovered on each stage. On presentation of the Tell Pass, you can benefit from attractive discounts at 21 bonus partners: Explore how the famous Swiss chocolate is made from the cocoa bean at the Swiss Museum of Transport, observe local wild animals up close at the Goldau Nature and Animal Park or look over the shoulders of the glassblowers at Glasi Hergiswil.


The Children's Tell Pass at a fixed price of only 30 Swiss francs (2-10 days) allows unlimited travel at a low price. And with the Tell Pass, this also applies to grandchildren, neighbour's children or godchildren - provided at least one adult travels with the Tell Pass (not for groups and schools).

* Daily price with 10-day Tell Pass for 2 adults and 2 children.

The 8 stages

Tell-Trail stage 1: Altdorf - Muotatal



Transport included in the Tellpass on this stagePostauto nach Bürglen, Luftseilbahn Ruogig, Luftseilbahn Eggberge, Zug nach Schwyz, Autobus AG Schwyz ins Muotathal

Tell-Trail stage 2: Muotatal - Brunnen



Transport included in the Tellpass on this stage: Bus Auto AG Schwyz, Standseilbahn Stoos, Sessellifte Fronalpstock und Klingenstock, Luftseilbahn Stoos - Morschach, Postauto Morschach - Brunnen

Tell-Trail stage 3: Brunnen - Rigi Kaltbad - Luzern


Transport included in the Tellpass on this stage: Luftseilbahn Urmiberg, Luftseilbahn Kräbel, Zahnradbahn Rigi, Schiff von Vitznau nach Luzern

Tell-Trail stage 4: Luzern - Pilatus - Stans


Transport included in the Tellpass on this stage: Bus Luzern-Kriens, Luftseilbahn Kriens, Pilatus Kulm, Zahnradbahn Pilatus Kulm - Alpnachstad, Zentralbahn Alpnachstad - Stans 

Tell-Trail stage 5: Stans - Engelberg



Transport included in the Tellpass on this stage: Cabrio BahnStanserhorn, Alternative zur Gratwanderung nach Engelberg: Luftseilbahn Wirzweli, Zentralbahn Dallenwil - Engelberg

Tell-Trail stage 6: Engelberg - Älggialp



Transport included in the Tellpass on this stage: Luftseilbahn Engelberg-Stand, Titlis Rotär (altenativ), Sessellift Jochpass, Sessellift Engstlenalp, Alternative zur Wanderung zur Älggialp: Luftseilbahn Mechsee-Frutt - Stöckalp, Postauto Stöckalp - Sarnen, Zentralbahn Sarnen - Lungern

Tell-Trail stage 7: Älggialp - Lungern



Transport included in the Tellpass on this stage: Alternative zur Wanderung zur Älggialp und nach Lungern: Luftseilbahn Mechsee-Frutt - Stöckalp, Postauto Stöckalp - Sarnen, Zentralbahn Sarnen - Lungern

Tell-Trail stage 8: Lungern - Brienzer Rothorn - Sörenberg


Transport included in the Tellpass on this stage: Lungern-Turren-Bahn, Luftseilbahn Rothorn - Sörenberg, Alternative zur Wanderung: Zentralbahn Lungern - Brienz, Zahnradbahn Brienz - Rothorn, Luftseilbahn Rothorn - Sörenberg


With small detours and side trips, you can experience further railway adventures and summit experiences along the Tell Trail. For example, on your rest day in Lucerne, let the nostalgic Sonnenbergbahn chauffeur you up to the Sonnenberg and enjoy a magnificent sunset high above Lucerne. Or use the break for another photo stop high above Lake Lucerne. Take the shuttle boat and funicular from Lucerne up to the Bürgenstock and continue with the Hammetschwand lift, the highest outdoor lift in Europe, to 1,132 m and a magnificent view over the lake.


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