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The Tell-Pass is easy to use, and the price structure is simple too.

Unlimited travel Price 2. class Tell-Pass
2 Days CHF 190.-
3 Days CHF 230.-
4 Days CHF 250.-
5 Days CHF 270.-
10 Days CHF 340.-
CHF 30.–

For children from 6 to 16 years for 2 to 10 days. Valid only together with an adult Tell Pass. Not valid for groups, schools and clubs.
Unlimited travel Price 2. class Tell-Pass
2 Days CHF 120.-
3 Days CHF 160.-
4 Days CHF 180.-
5 Days CHF 200.-
10 Days CHF 260.-
CHF 30.–

For children from 6 to 16 years for 2 to 10 days. Valid only together with an adult Tell Pass. Not valid for groups, schools and clubs.

You can buy the Online Tickets two weeks before the first day of validity (Validity Tell-Pass Summer from 1 April, Tell-Pass Winter from 1 November).

The Tell-Pass is available at more than 80 sales outlets all over Central Switzerland. Even more comfortable is of course a purchase via the online shop from our partner SBB. Take the chance and get it before travelling to Central Switzerland. Thanks to "print@home" you can print the Tell-Pass right at home and you will not have to worry about any tickets any more!

The Tell-Pass must be used 'en bloc', i.e. the selected number of days must be used one after the other without a break. No further reductions for holders of Half-Fare or GA Travel Cards Cards or Swiss Rail Passes. Prefer 1st class? Treat yourself to a class upgrade on the boat or train. Half Class upgrades with the Tell-Pass can be performed on the spot. 

Accompanying children travel at a fixed price of just CHF 30!
Kids aged 6 to 16* travelling with one or more adults holding a valid Tell-Pass pay just CHF 30 for anything from two to ten days' unrestricted travel. And the best thing is: all kids benefit from this great fixed-price offer – grandchildren, neighbours' children, godchildren.

The Tell-Pass is personal and non-transferable. No purchase of wintersport day tickets. The general conditions (Tarif 656.3) apply.

The Tell-Pass is the regional excursion ticket for the Lake Lucerne Region. Unrestricted rail, bus and boat travel, as well as numerous aerial cableways – plus great savings with many Bonus Partners.

The Tell-Pass is bookable for everyone! Guests residing in Switzerland or abroad can purchase the Tell Pass.

The Tell-Pass is available from more than 80 sales outlets throughout the Lake Lucerne Region (boat landing stages, tourist offices and hotels). It can also be bought online from the Ticketshop (print@home). The Tell-Pass is also available from several Swiss Federal Railways stations in Switzerland.

The Winter Tell-Pass starts at CHF 120, the Summer Tell-Pass starts at CHF 190 for two days of unrestricted travel.

And the longer the period of validity, the cheaper the daily price! The 10-day Pass in summer costs just CHF 32 a day, in winter CHF 24 a day for unrestricted travel on trains, buses, boats and aerial cableways. The detailed prices can be seen on this page above in the ticket store.

Yes, the Tell-Pass must be used 'en bloc', i.e. the selected number of days must be used one after the other without a break.

Children travel with you for the fixed price of only CHF 30.

For only CHF 30, children between the ages of 6 and 16* travel unlimited for 2-10 days when accompanied by (at least) one adult with a valid adult Tell Pass. Children under 6 travel free of charge. And the best thing about it: grandchildren, neighbors' children or godfathers and godmothers can also enjoy this attractive fixed price for children.

The offer is not valid for school classes / clubs / group trips.

* The cut-off date is the 16th birthday, which means that the Kinder Tell Pass can be used until one day before the 16th birthday.

The holder of a Tell-Pass has the opportunity to buy a dog-ticket for just CHF 30.

The Tell-Pass offers virtually unrestricted rail, bus, boat and aerial cableway travel throughout the Lake Lucerne Region. Click here for details of the route network.

Purchase the Tell-Pass and climb aboard – it's as easy as that. No need to have the ticket stamped or validated. You simply show your Tell-Pass and a valid ID document when asked to do so.

In principle, reservations are not required for the mountain railways. In the high season and when there are a lot of guests, a reservation is recommended for larger cable cars such as the Brienz-Rothorn cable car, Pilatus Bahnen or the Stanserhorn cable car. The extra charge for a reservation is not included in the Tell-Pass ticket. You will find information on the reservation options on the websites of the individual railway companies.

No, the Tell-Pass is non-transferable and bears the holder's name.

The Tell Pass is a discounted offer, so there are no further discounts for groups. School classes are not entitled to the Children's Tell Pass; the children's offer is only valid with adults in the family context.

Of course! You save quite a lot compared to buying individual single tickets. And that's not all: the Tell-Pass allows you complete flexibility when planning your excursions in the Lake Lucerne Region. 

Travelers with a handicap residing in Switzerland who are dependent on an accompanying person and/or a guide dog for their travels may claim the travel concession for travelers with a handicap. For his or her travel, the beneficiaries are authorized to take an attendant, a guide dog, or both, free of charge. The traveler with a disability or the accompanying person must be in possession of a valid Tell Pass. 

There are no discounts/free rides with foreign disability cards.

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